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MEN find out how your kid “really” feels about you with FATHER CARDS!

WOMEN discover where your strengths or weaknesses come from with FATHER CARDS!

COUNSELORS initiate “safe” conversation with your patients using FATHER CARDS!

TEACHERS help your students think outside of the box using FATHER CARDS!


Father Cards  launches life changing conversations.  

FATHER CARDS help you to address your relationship, or lack of relationship with your father, your decision-making skills and actions, and how the two things are often connected.

Imagine, you are standing over the casket of your father as it is about to be lowered in the ground—you have 30 seconds to say your last words. What would they be?

If your father were a tool, what would he be?

Dad, remember when you promised me­­­­________?

Whether you were started in a back seat of a corvette, in a test tube, a result of two teenagers fumbling through the “first time” on their parent’s couch, or by a wanted and planned pregnancy, there was a man, a father.  Father Cards help you discover how you feel about the man who created you--his behaviors, choices, actions, or inactions--and how they have or have not shaped your life.

Turn GIRLS’ NIGHT into meaningful conversations using FATHER CARDS!

MENS’ GROUPS evolve into mental strengthening sessions using FATHER CARDS!

KIDS feel safe to say how they really feel with FATHER CARDS!

BIBLE STUDY GROUPS discuss the secular struggles of their members with FATHER CARDS!



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The only deck of cards that starts life changing conversations. Looks great on any table!